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From CC to CCC

We believe everything is a mixture of light and darkness
but beyond duality,
then discover the light of inner freedom.
Being your most authentic self is the boldest endeavor you can do,
CCC walk alongside you in this journey.

2019 - 2021
Cloud by Cloud

The standard letter "C" symbolizes conformity within the confines of conventional norms.
The soft and unstructured letter "C" represents a state of carefree relaxation. Whether you choose to take it easy or be serious,
both paths possess the potential to lead to freedom.
It's all about you.

Every generation includes individuals who defy the norms.
Why must have a dream?
 it's okay to take a breather.

Cloud by Cloud places its essence in accessories,
striving to convey a shared ideal of freedom.
We invite you to join the brand's pursuit of freedom.
Throughout this journey, confront the world with authenticity.